A commitment to make sure you compete on margin, not price while you focus on growth

Our New Foundations Program is our premier, most in-demand service. We launched the New Foundations Program because clients told us they want all of the benefits and innovation that will flow from using management consultants. But, they don’t have the time, or money to take their focus off their clients and employees whilst they execute the consultant’s complex, detailed report.

A brilliant, detailed report from a consultant listing of all the necessary changes and relevant solutions to enhance the business is a sound approach. But, most senior executives are stretched for time, don’t have the employees with the necessary skills to execute the report prompltly.

Too often the promised change, although delivered for various valid reasons does not last.Most change initiatives do not last because the culture did not change, and the business reverts to the ways of working before the change initiative. Therefore, within a few months, the organisation reverts to “how we did it before we wasted the money on a consultant!”

Also, most organisations have great skills applicable to their client offering, but don’t have all the necessary skills, or experience needed to originate, plan and execute organisation-wide change. Therefore, the changes necessary – to compete on margin, not price and massively increase sales does not occur.

The New Foundations Program is unique because it’s customized to each client’s current market position, current state of internal infrastructure, future goals and revenue targets – that is why it’s our most sought-after service.

The most attractive aspect of the New Foundations Program is that we come onsite to make the necessary changes for our clients – while our clients focus on their important deliverables.

We strongly believe an organisation’s prime goal is to aggressively compete on margin, not on price. This will happen when employees are provided with a new environment, tools and new ways of working that encourages (will be tied to their remuneration) and support them to be passionate about productivity and client value.

Most of our clients confirm – the cost to employ a full-time specialist(s) is often prohibitive, with the New Foundations Program this is no longer an issue. The main pillar of the New Foundations Program is to provide clients with the benefit of specific skills & experience offered by specialist full time head count, without the applicable cost in wages and fully loaded costs. The New Foundations Program delivers onsite support as and when needed, and the benefits of specific skills sets.

We know being competitive and productive is paramount for business success. We also know there is little point in adopting leading edge productivity for your business; without the addition of new clients and increased sales to take advantage of the increased capacity.

We also focus on the sales team’s methods and KPI to refresh and revitalise their efforts. We create a culture of accountability, and a passion and belief to rebuild their sales pipeline. We work with the inbound sales teams as well as analyse outbound sales activities as well.

We spread the sales effort, training and accountability to all relevant employees to ensure they participate efficiently in lead generation and closing. We support our clients to sell more of their products and services, to more clients, more often, with a continuously improving margin.

We provide continuous support and training as you adopt the new productivity focused initiatives and innovations, such as our unique Third Generation Outsourcing, to ramp up your sales, revenues, and profits.

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