Edgeview identifies, and delivers for you, tangible and sustainable improvement across five key pillars: – culture, strategy, execution, change and sales performance. We do this by instilling the required discipline of execution at all levels of an organisation. These tangible and sustainable performance improvements enable our clients to achieve their objectives with greater speed, predictability, and control. Edgeview helps client’s leadership and management teams and their people, substantially improve performance by delivering results at a scale and speed the organisation would not achieve on its own.

We use our vast experience in delivering productivity when working alongside all levels of our client’s organisation to improve the execution of management practices as and when needed.
The Edgeview approach is a systematic methodology to improve, expand or add management practices to each of the five key pillars within the organisation:

  • Culture
  • Strategy
  • Execution
  • Change management
  • Sales performance

The end result is best in class productivity. We identify the relevant segments of each pillar and apply trusted management practices & tools. We make specific changes to ensure each segment within each pillar, is efficient and is contributing to the organisations overall productivity. Further, to ensure employees don’t slip back into how ‘things used to be done around here’, and the planned change is adopted and embraced organisation wide, we embed new processes of control and visibility to ensure there is ongoing continuous improvement, now and into the future.

Edgeview does more than simply identify opportunities to improve operating results; we actually implement the required changes, working with management and front-line personnel, side-by-side. We work on the ‘shop floor’ until the client achieves the projected productivity and improvements in margin. And a successful, new client strategy to feed the new scalable capacity generated by the improved productivity.We coincide this exceptional productivity work with a new focus on expanding sales and marketing. Now, with the ability to add more business without increasing overheads at the same rate as before, margins and profits will improve dramatically. We take advantage of the organisations ability to increase business without the need to hire more employees or increase operation costs.Edgeview does more than simply identify opportunities to improve operating results; we come on site and actually deliver the required changes, working with management and front-line personnel, side-by-side. We work on the ‘shop floor, cubicle or on the road’ until the client achieves the projected productivity and improvements in margin. We develop a successful, new client strategy to feed the new scalable capacity, generated by the improved productivity. We coincide this exceptional productivity work with a new focus on expanding sales and marketing performance. Now, with the ability to add more business without increasing overheads at the same rate as before, margins and profits will improve dramatically. We take advantage of the organisation’s ability to increase business without the need to hire more employees or increase operational costs.

The Edgeview offering is based on aligning the mindset and actions of people at all levels of an organization, in accordance with the agreed objectives and goals of the organisation’s leadership. This is why our offering is applicable across diverse industries such as financial services, professional and medical services and industrial companies alike.

A client engagement begins with discussions held with senior management to understand the aspired opportunities, directions, objectives and goals of the organisation and to identify opportunities for improvement across five key pillars: – culture, strategy, execution, change management and sales performance. The delivery and change phase is normally between six to twelve months and comprises the installation of process improvements, production standardisation and people solutions.

If utilising a management consultant is a new experience for you, these are the typical benefits Edgeview will deliver:

  1. We are experienced in solving problems, and delivering trusted change - that could solve problems your teams now face, or are unaware of. We use this experience to identify material concerns quickly, and arrive at a position to discuss solutions and their ramifications faster. Business benefits will be experience sooner – with more clarity.
  2. Well-developed approaches, methods and tools to assist in the process and objectivity in undertaking the task.
  3. We are dedicated to tackling the specific issues at hand, and we are not distracted by the demands of running the business day to day.
  4. Subject matter experts who can provide a sounding board for new ideas.

You are engaging Edgeview to deliver leading productivity applications and tools across your business. We ensure the process is fast, clear and sound based on experience. You have engaged consultants with skills and experiences that are different, or more developed than some of your managers. We’re independent and have no ownership/investment, and do not feel inclined to defend or protect current processes, people or material issues. If you were to employ full time employees to deliver the same service, with the same level of experience, the cost would be substantially higher, permanent and you run the risk, they cannot deliver.
In addition to improving the margins on your products and services, we set up processes to ensure this is not a one off improvement. After our engagement comes to an end, your organisation will have the benefit of a robust internal infrastructure that will continue to deliver productivity improvements. Better yet, your employees will be trained to continuously improve your processes.

The short answer is all of the above. However, our primary and most popular offerings are the The New Foundations Program and Third Generation Outsourcing, for which we charge a monthly flat fee, paid in advance, based on your specific needs and the size of your organisation. There are three pricing choices and the pricing can be found on our website. The pricing is tiered because each client has a different business model, culture and future vision.

We deliver a service that is designed specifically for each client, based on their current market position and capabilities. More often than not we don’t agree on the pricing tier until we have conducted a series of discussions, ensuring we understand the client’s specific expectations upfront. We suggest the appropriate pricing tier with the client once we understand each of the following aspects:

  1. How much change would you like to deliver – how big do you wish to grow and how fast?
  2. Quantity of tools needed/requested to deliver the desired changes – again this is determined by the state of affairs and boldness of leadership;
  3. Quality of the clients existing middle management team’s experience and availability to support the engagement;
  4. Service levels required to foster change – often the existing management team is too busy to assist regularly and effectively;
  5. The level of commitment by the client’s leadership team – we understand the day to day demands of ‘running’ the business must be met – we take on more work and extend the engagement to save on cost;
  6. The experience of middle managers in using the needed management tools and strategies will determine mandatory training levels and time spent; and
  7. Customisation will only affect pricing if for example, there are more than five specific services that require advanced outsourcing and productivity innovation.

There is no lock in period, clients can discontinue our support by sending an email ten business days before the start of the next month’s cycle.

To ensure you get the best return on your investment, with Edgeview please:

  1. Have a very clear idea of your expected outcomes being both business as usual and aspirational. It is often best to prepare this in conjunction with us.
  2. Be realistic in what you expect to be achieved, particularly in terms of timeframe. We want to ensure employees embrace the change and have enough time to efficiently support the engagement. We are always conscious there must be no disruptions for our client’s customers.
  3. Be open about potential issues Edgeview might encounter, such as overprotective managers who may be reluctant to share information or aged IT systems that will make detailed data extraction very difficult.
  4. Commit to spending time with Edgeview at key milestones. This ensures your expectations are being met and allows you to provide feedback and guidance to us.
  5. Be open to challenges presented by Edgeview. Listen and provide feedback, and then be firm in your preferred course of action if required. It’s your business!
  6. Look at the consulting relationship as a long term one. Because Edgeview will add value to your business, and will be a valuable long-term business partner for you.

There is no lock in contract period, clients can discontinue our support by sending an email ten business days before the start of the next month’s cycle.

Of course this depends on our client’s aspirations. Most projects need a six months or more to be completed, depending on the size of the organisation, nature of the changes required and number of tasks that we must deliver to achieve the desired result. Specific modules can, however, be completed and delivered during shorter periods of 9-12 weeks.

We will be present as much as is necessary for our common efforts to create change and achieve the agreed new breakthrough in culture and productivity targets. Therefore, we will have a continuous presence during the course of the engagement.
We will be working progressively, from the boardroom and out through the entire organisation, together with managers and employees, in order to effectively deliver the methods, mindset, and approaches that will generate the planned results for the organisation.

A collaboration with Edgeview is not a paper exercise – we measure success with actual results. A collaboration with Edgeview is not a desk study – together we specifically go over your expectations and where your organisation can go. Thereafter, we identify the necessary actions and applications leading to the desired results. We design, explain and deliver the solutions to carry your business through to each goal. Seeing a strategy through to completion is not only about delivery and seeing a result, but something that must be taught and absorbed in order to be sustainable.
Therefore, this is where Edgeview’s strengths lie – we excel in challenging and encouraging the organisation to establish impressive goals. We work actively on delivering a lasting, results-oriented approach in the organisation within management as well as on-site throughout the organisation.

Businesses we support, regardless of their size, profession or industry expect us to improve their profit by enhancing and improving their margins. Our approach is to quickly and effectively determine the necessary changes across the organisation, explain why each change is required, how the changes will be made and how long it will take to make those changes.
With better margins derived from improvements in productivity (not just cost cutting), your profits will improve. You can grow your market share by using the additional profits to increase marketing, recruit the best talent by offering better remuneration/training, lead generation. And acquire better technology and equipment to further improve productivity and increase margins. The scenario for your competitors is inevitable.

Through the various stages of the productivity improvement process, we work on site with the leadership team, managers as well as employees.

This depends on the size of the organisation – we aim to work towards results as a collective whole. Edgeview is a resource for your entire organisation, we work not only with management but with all the employees. For example, if where we are asked to work with an organisation’s sales unit to increase sales productivity in closing and onboarding new clients – there will be multiple touch points across the organisation that would impact on the initiative. This most often requires having to address the organisation as a whole, especially when working with small to medium sized organisations.

Yes. Managers and organisational leaders ought to master what is needed to perform on a daily basis to achieve ordinary budget targets. More often than not once they have addressed fire fighting matters there is little time for them to move onto introducing advance productivity work.
Our mandate is to supplement the executive by introducing new methodologies, the benefit of deeper experience, a focus on expansion and certainty of execution. Often we work with teams who are exceptional at what they do. However, because their organisation has grown quickly, are now encountering employee performance issues, or integration new businesses and product lines. The relevant skills in dealing with the issues and demands, particular to a larger, more diverse organisation are very different. Also, unlike the organisations management team we aren’t burdened with the same day to day tasks that accompany a fulltime in-house role.

Edgeview works from the basis of the organisation’s existing structure. The goal is to move with management and employees through existing processes – looking to improve efficiency and productivity. Together we are:

  1. Eliminating – that which clearly does not contribute to results/targets or holds any necessity.
  2. Minimising – what is necessary but does not contribute towards results targets.
  3. Maintaining – what exists now and works well, and deliver the changes and approaches needed to achieve progress in the processes.
  4. Improving/Developing – that which is already in place or is neglected, in order to deliver clear and measurable results that contribute specifically to achieving the overall goals.
  5. Adding – new additions to work processes and leadership to enable the achievement of results, breakthroughs and goals, to ensure a sustainable positive development for the future.

Remember, one of the key benefits of our support model is that we don’t leave until you feel you and your team are seeing the benefits you desire, and the right understanding of what is required is communicated and entrenched. Again, one of the key benefits we provide you with are detailed policies, procedures and guidelines. We prepare these in tandem with your employees to ensure they are tailored to your business and there is a complete understanding. We train your employees on how to apply each policy.
We prepare with you the necessary audit processes that develop accountability for, and compliance with all policies. We spend considerable time developing and starting the adoption of the new organisational culture that is focused on accountability. We also provide training to employees to understand the new productivity tools. We expand the employee performance framework (we can prepare a formal process and policies if needed) to incorporate the ‘new ways of working’ into job descriptions and self-appraisal forms etc.

You can call your consultant whenever you need assistance. It is important to keep moving forward, we want you to call us to discuss any unexpected developments, seek clarification on agreed deliverables, or to validate employee feedback.

As consultants with a focus on improving margins via productivity and increased sales, we can help most businesses/professional & financial services firms or business units with 20 to 400 employees. There are specific industries and business types where we may not be the best fit. We will be happy to discuss your situation confidentially, and will immediately let you know whether or not we think we are a good fit for your organisation.

Yes. Once we have determined that there is a good match between your needs and our services, we can send you a mutual non-disclosure agreement. This agreement protects both parties from disclosure of confidential information.

Yes, each is a key aspect of our support model for clients. We also include Third Generation Outsourcing, leadership development and coaching, change management, Lean Six Sigma process tools, sales & marketing execution, and more. Please contact us to discuss your particular situation and aspirations.

Yes. We offer project based engagements.

Yes. All businesses go through an ebb and flow. Some go through an almost visible “S” curve of rapid growth, peaking out, and decline. Some simply get into overleveraged positions. Or, others lose their underlying marketplace. When a business hits a downturn, it is the setting for business renewal. Perhaps it is a matter of changing the business model, seeking a new market and/or a dramatic change to operations to improve productivity. All of these approaches – and more – constitute business renewal which of course Edgeview can assist with.

Right now. Inevitably, as soon as most organisations sit down and make a list of issues they have outstanding and want us to address – there is usually more than one page. More often than not most of the ‘weaknesses’ listed on the organisation’s SWOT analysis have yet to be addressed. If you don’t have a SWOT analysis, you need to engage us very quickly.
Of course, you could engage us to assist you on the plethora of concerns and issues that derive from the organisation’s culture. Perhaps you feel there is a lack of traction with your supervisors and little of what is promised is delivered on time and as stated. If you have now cut the organisation’s operating costs as far as possible, and margins are still shrinking, we can provide you with an evaluation of your circumstances and potential approaches to make the necessary changes.

Call us right now! One of our specialties is dealing with employee productivity and delivering exceptional client service. Good employees will respond and excel with the right communication for change. There are too many tactics to list on how we can assist. Please note it is never as difficult to bring change as is anticipated.

Cultural change is one of the most difficult improvements to deliver on your own. A successful ‘change agent’ most often is an external resource who can perform an independent evaluation of the situation, and recommend both short term and long term actions for change. Often this means a senior management change-out. We have experienced change management professionals who can help you make the tough decisions – and deliver them.