All fees are paid in advance month to month, with no long term contract or hidden charges

We only charge fees for service – there are no other expenses.

We deliver a service that is designed specifically for each client, based on their current market position and capabilities. More often than not we don’t agree on the pricing tier with a client until we have conducted a series of discussions, ensuring we understand the client’s specific expectations upfront.

Unless we have prequalified a project or monthly fee e.g. number of employees, we suggest the appropriate pricing tier with the client once we understand each of the following aspects:

  1. Quantity of tools needed/requested to deliver the desired changes – again this is determined by the state of affairs and boldness of leadership;
  2. Quality of the clients existing middle management team’s experience and availability to support the engagement;
  3. Service levels required to foster change – often the existing management team is too busy to assist regularly and effectively;
  4. The level of commitment by the client’s leadership team – we understand the day to day demands of ‘running’ the business must be met – we take on more work and extend the engagement to save on cost;
  5. The experience of middle managers in using the needed management tools and strategies will determine mandatory training levels and time spent; and
  6. Customisation will only affect pricing if for example, there are more than three specific products or services that require advanced outsourcing and productivity innovation.

Of course there is no lock in period, clients can discontinue our support by simply sending us an email no less than five (5) business days before the start of the next month commences.